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At Ames Quality Roofing our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations on every job we complete. For Ames, it's not just about installing a new roof, new siding or a gutter system. It's about increasing the value of our customers' investment, ensuring their security from the elements, AND giving them the peace of mind of a job well done.

Building lasting relationships and creating lifelong friends through honest enthusiasm is how Ames Quality Roofing is a growing leader in the Roofing Industry, specializing in high end roofing installations and giving customers the best value for their hard-earned money.

Meet Our Team:

Amos King - The founder and CEO of Ames Quality Roofing

Amos started Ames Quality Roofing in 2002 at the age of 20, after working for a local roofing contractor in the area for over 2 years. As a young man Amos began building sheds, but had always dreamed of owning his own business. Fearful of failure and unsure of the steps to take, his dear friend and mentor, Walter Hamm encouraged him to "Step out in faith and chase your dream." Amos took that advice to heart and set out to take advantage of the great freedoms our forefathers created. He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity every American has - the ability to live freely, and take advantage of our God given ability to generate wealth and opportunity, not just for himself, but for his partners and employees as well.

In his free time Amos enjoys running marathons and competition wakeboarding, as well as managing his sister company Smoketown Properties.

Dan King - Project Manager

Daniel, Amos's brother has worked for Ames for 8 years. He is an excellent craftsman with an enthusiastic smile. Prior to working for Ames he worked for another local company as a roofing foreman.

In his free time Dan enjoys Bike riding and Volleyball


2011 Winner - Counselor's to America's Small Businesses Award - Best Business Development

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